Not Like Other Girls

Freshly Stale

We’ve all heard it before, whether IRL or in the media. I’m not like other girls. Its a phrase I related to for most of my life. I liked math, I thought space was cool, I didn’t like the color pink, and I thought other girls were just dumb conceited cheerleaders destined to a future of changing diapers and washing dishes. I was a misogynist.

So in a Women’s Studies class during my first year of college, when I learned about non-binary identities I decided I wasn’t a girl at all. Sure, I knew I had a female body, and no, I never wanted a sex-assignment surgery to have a male body. But I grew up believing that men were naturally smarter than women, that women were made to please men, that women weren’t suited to positions of power because they were too emotional, and a whole long list of…

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