Conceptualizing the Universe

Something is Nothing and Nothing is Something.

Are you confused? I was too! But don’t worry, I’ll try my best to explain it.

Something and Nothing

Imagine the Universe is everything that exists. Existence is Something. Existence is characterized as having a starting point, maintaining itself for a period of time, and then ending. Something is finite. Something exists within the confines of Time. Time is just the measurement of Something from the time that it begins to exist; so it has to exist within Time. It comes into being, it exists, and it will eventually cease to be.

The very moment we recognize that Something begins to exist, we have to also accept Nothing also exists. Nothing is the absence of existence. Nothing isn’t made; it has no starting point and no ending point. Nothing is infinite in all directions, which means it exists outside of Time by necessity. Nothing was there before the first thing popped into existence, and Nothing will be there after the last thing ceases to be. Nothing can never be filled; Something necessitates the concept of Nothing.

So does the concept of Nothing necessitate the existence of Something? Not at all! Before there was something, what was there? Nothing! It didn’t need Something to tell it what it was, it just was(and is).

Photo of a black hole surrounded by a bright white light and distant stars
Photo from Pixabay

Something is Nothing.

So how is Something Nothing? Well, I was born of a human, so I must be a human. Humans were born of Nature, so we must be Natural.

I can hear my inner trolls now, “shit comes from humans, so does that make shit a human then?” This is a good question.

Waste or excrement comes from all life, therefore it is a part of life. Death comes from life, therefore it is a part of life. Does this all make sense?

Something came from Nothing, and it will one day return to Nothing. Something is a part of Nothing.

Everything that exists does so in a constant state of motion.

Existence is always moving. From the moment life starts to the moment it ends cells are moving. Even inanimate objects exist in a constant state of motion. Everything that we know to exist is made up of atoms, and these atoms are always moving and changing.

Water rippling from rain drops

Photo by Валерия on Unsplash

Something can be characterized as Moving and Changing. When it ceases to be, it stops moving and returns to Nothing. So we can say that Nothing can be characterized by it’s Stillness and Consistency.

Two Categories of Energy.

Nothing is energy in a state of rest and Something is energy in a state of motion, so we can categorize them as potential and kinetic energy, respectively. Potential energy becomes kinetic energy, which eventually becomes potential energy again.

Potential energy has the ability to act, but has yet to do so. Kinetic energy is action.

Since Something is finite, and since existence is motion, motion is finite. Since Nothing is infinite, and Nothing is potential to act, there is infinite potential. Infinite potential means infinite possibility of motion, and thus existence, but it doesn’t mean infinite possibility of infinite motion. This is because motion is characterized by it’s finite-ness.

Everything has potential energy, so everything contains Nothing.

Something contains Nothing, and Nothing contains Something.

This infinite potential energy is within and without all that is. It goes by many names, such a G-d, Truth, Hope, Ultimate Reality, and Nothing,  just to name a few.

So what set the kinetic energy of existence into motion? Your guess is as good as mine!

I first learned about these concepts while exploring Hindu metaphysics and philosophy. These ideas have been largely formed by reading about Shiva and Shakti, but have been interpreted within the lens of the Western tradition in which I have been educated. As such, some of the ideas expressed in this article are a fusion of East and West. I do not claim these ideas as my own, and owe full credit to the formation of these ideas to Hindu philosophy, without which I never would have written this piece. To read more on Shiva Shakti energy, click here.

Tell me what you though of all this in the comments, and check back tomorrow for an article that breaks kinetic energy down into 3 parts! Don’t forget to like and subscribe 😊

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