Thought you all might like this little story I posted on my poetry site 😊

Freshly Stale

Like many people, I don’t remember much of my childhood. I was a dumb little kid too focused on having fun to think about remembering anything. Luckily, my mom remembers a lot that my sisters and I forgot.

❄  ❄  ❄

Mom and I were driving down a big, icy hill the other day, and we were nervous. She started to tell me that she hoped the car would stop at the traffic light we were approaching. See, it was a big steep hill, and Ohio roads are, well, garbage. Like, Ohio roads can get really slick and icy, not to mention the pot-holes. There was definitely a chance that the car would slide right through a red light. I told her that we would be fine, that we just had to have faith and we’d probably get a green light. See, any time I really need to avoid red…

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