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Pendulums: What are they, Why would you use them, and how do you use them.
Pendulums are great for indecisive people!

Do you have a hard time making decisions? Maybe you overthink things too much and lose sight of what you really want, or maybe you can see both sides of something and can’t seem to choose one or the other.

I’m right there with ya, friend.

So when I first learned what pendulums were I was super excited. But the more I read about them, the more it seemed like they were a gimmick or a useless novelty.

Filled with doubt, I kept researching.

What is a pendulum?

Pendulums are super simple tools. Like, crazy simple. It’s just a weight attached to a string at a single point. That’s it.

They’ve been used for ages for all sorts of stuff, from answering questions to finding fresh water. Clocks and Newton’s Cradles are good examples of common pendulum uses, too!

Pendulums will help you make decisions from the heart.

Well, from the subconscious mind, but whatever. See, pendulums work by tapping into your subconscious knowledge and desires.

There’s the belief that spirits communicate with people through pendulums, or that pendulums are just used for witchcraft and magic. While they can be used for those sorts of things, they can also be used for more secular and practical purposes!

There’s nothing inherently magical about using pendulums; using one for secular reasons won’t make you a witch or condemn you or anything like that.

How do pendulums work?

When you look at delicious food, you can’t help it when your mouth waters. When you get cold, you can’t help it when you get goosebumps. The human body has all kinds of subtle and uncontrollable impulses!

The subconscious mind has a mind of it’s own, but it doesn’t know anything that you don’t already know.

A similar subconscious reaction happens when we think of different questions to ask the pendulum. When our subconscious mind answers the questions we asked, it sends a bunch of imperceptible nerve impulses through our bodies and, ultimately, through our fingertips.

With a little practice, these tiny impulses are strong enough to influence the way the pendulum swings.

For example, say I can’t decide if I want to name my newest plant baby Lucky or Dusty. Let’s ask the pendulum for help!

How to Use a Pendulum

It’s almost easier than flipping a coin. You just take the little bead/holder thing at the end on the chain and let your pendulum hang down naturally.

Hold it as lightly as you can without dropping it, and set your elbow on a table for stability. Then ask your pendulum to show you which movement means yes, and which means no. Be sure to let it come to a rest in-between questions though!

You make the rules!

Once you know your pendulum well enough, you can start asking more than just yes or no questions.

Instead of asking my pendulum which direction means yes for Lucky and which direction means yes for Dusty, I can just tell it which directions to go and watch what happens.

Swing left and right for Lucky, and forward and back for Dusty.

And the winner is…


See how easy that was?

Pendulums are simple tools, they give simple answers

They’re so easy to make, too! Just tie something at the end of some string or a chain and you’ll have our very own pendulum. Or if you’ve got a necklace that’s only attached to the chain at one point, that’ll work too!

Don’t wanna make one?

You can get the same one that I use here:

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3 thoughts on “Pendulums

  1. I used to have a crystal or two suspended on chains, and I used them to do energy balancing. Seems to work really well. Thank you kindly. I very much support the use of crystals as they are non-threatening and very comfortable for those with something like PTSD or other similar issues, and they are noninvasive too, so yes, very good tools for healing.

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