5 Types of Crystal Shapes

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Hey there, everyone😊 I hope you enjoyed my last post about crystal meditation! If you haven’t read it yet, I’d recommend giving it a skim so we’re all on the same page for today’s topic.

See, choosing which type of crystal you want to work with is only the first step in crystal meditation. Since there are so many different kinds of crystals, it can be hard deciding which one is right for what we want. There’s just so many to choose from!

Having a reference book can make it so so SO much easier to learn about your crystals, which is why I want to recommend Jennie Harding’s book Crystals.

Crystals by Jennie Harding, book
This book is seriously a lifesaver!

Seriously, I reach for my copy of Crystals all the freaking time! I’ve got this bad habit of forgetting to write down the names of new crystals I buy, and searching for “sparkly green gemstones” on Pinterest and Google doesn’t help much because there’s just so much information out there.

The color organization in Jennie Harding’s book helps me figure out what stones I have a bazillion times faster than searching online!

Once you decide what type of crystal to work with, it’s a good idea to consider the shape you want to work with, too.

Why are there so many crystal shapes?

Different gems naturally grow in various crystal formations. Too many to count in one post! So, for now, we’ll only talk about a few natural crystal formations.

And just like with natural formations, there’s loads of carved shapes that have meaning! We’ll talk about a couple of the more common ones, too.

Raw Crystals

Raw stones, also called rough stones, are very “to the point.” They’re in the same state they were when they were removed from the Earth, which makes them fast acting and powerful. This can make them too intense to work with for more sensitive individuals, so be mindful!

Raw amethyst necklace
I first started feeling crystal energy with a raw amethyst necklace like this one here

The fast-acting energy of raw stones can be good for beginners to learn to feel crystal energy because of it’s intensity!

Tumbled Stones

Tumbled stones are smooth and irregular. Their energy is calmer than raw stone energy; think of it as if the energy has been “smoothed out.” Tumbled stones are usually pocket-sized and have a gentle energy, which makes them perfect for everyday use and sensitive peoples.

Amazonite worry stones
I take my amazonite worry stone with me everywhere! Its energy is cool and soothing, like clear waters on a calm day.

Worry stones can be made of any stone, and are smooth and tumble polished. They have a small curve on one side that’s perfectly thumb-sized and are meant for when you have a lot of nervous energy, or just need something to do with your hands. Try and choose a worry stone with a calming energy, like amazonite or moonstone. High energy stones might just end up giving you more energy than you know what to do with, so be careful when picking out stones for stress or anxiety.

Crystal Towers and Wands

Sometimes raw stones can be cut flat at the base to stand up like a crystal tower, other times they have to be carved into a tower. Regardless of how they’re formed, the point at the top of the tower is an excellent generator of energy. In fact, crystal towers are sometimes referred to as generators. Keep in mind that any point on a crystal will direct energy in the direction of the point! They’re good for influencing the energy of a specific location and often used in interior decorating.

Selenite wand
Selenite is great for clearing negative energy from a room, and they can be used to cleanse other crystals

Crystal wands are pretty much the same thing, but they’re usually a bit smaller and shaped on both ends. Sometimes one or both ends will be rounded instead of pointed so that they can be used as massage wands. The rounded end emits energy evenly around its curves.

Ruby Fuchite massage wand
This ruby fuchsite wand literally changed my life.

We already know that crystals can be used for mental and emotional relaxation, but rounded wands take it to a whole new level! I don’t know about you, but spending all day hunched over my computer gives me awful, tight knots in my shoulders and neck, and I’ve never found anything that gets rid of them quite like my ruby fuchsite wand. It undoes all of the knots in my back in half the time that a regular hand massage would take, and does so much better at it!

Crystal Ball

Crystal balls, or spheres, are exactly what they sound like. Perfectly rounded crystals. Because they have no points, crystal balls emit energy evenly in all directions. Unlike raw stones, their energy is slow. It’s so slow, in fact, that it slows down other energies, too!

Crystal ball
This bad boy’s on my wishlist, for sure!

Crystal balls can be used in meditation and developing clairvoyance. They make great conversation pieces, too. My favorite way to work with crystal balls is a lot more subtle, though. Beads made of crystals and gemstones are essentially tiny little crystal balls! I wear aquamarine beads every day to relieve stress and stay peaceful.❤

Malas are beaded bracelets and necklaces used in Hindu and Buddhist meditations and prayers

Crystal balls are also associated with Astrology and planetary energies due to their shared shape. They can draw people in as if they have their own gravitational pull!

Crystal Pyramid

Pyramid shaped crystals are amplifiers! They’ll “turn the volume up” on the energy of whatever stone they’re made of and direct it up into the Universe. And like how a prism can diffuse light into a rainbow, pyramid crystals can also diffuse energy into various streams and clean the negativity from an environment.

Violet Flame Orgone Pyramid/White Light Crystal Pyramid/Orgonite Pyramid

It’s so pretty that just looking at it clears away negative thoughts 😍

Let Your Intuition Guide You

Especially if you’re inexperienced with crystals. If you’re not sure what shape to use, just trust your gut! What’s the point in having an intuition if you don’t use it, right? We have it for a reason!

Crystal shapes will affect how we feel an energy, not what an energy does, so don’t worry too much about shape at first.

Choosing a crystal shape can be made easier with the use of a pendulum. Pendulums are just extensions of our subconscious, after all! Just calibrate your yes and no swings, then go through the list and ask if a certain shape is right for you for a fun pendulum practice and quick decision!

Thanks for reading! Tell me some other crystal shapes you want to learn about in the comments, and don’t forget to like and subsribe!

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