Fearless Tarot

Hello, everyone! Today’s been kind of rough, I’ve had loved ones tell me that they feel lost in life. As much as I want to be able to help more, I know that I can’t.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I can help by being a good friend, by being a shoulder to cry on, but I’ll never be able to fix the root problem.

It sucks. There’s not much else about it to really say. I certainly don’t know what to say anyway.

I read this article Fearless Tarot by Trade Winds Tarot a little while ago and have been meaning to share it with you all but have been busy and just haven’t gotten around to it. Wouldn’t ya know it, while re-reading the post I found some helpful words for my friend today!

“We’re not lost, we’re having an adventure.”

You have to know where you’re trying to end up to end up lost. My friend never had a destination in mind to begin with, but I’m sure we’ll find someplace nice eventually. 😊

Trade Winds Tarot

20190119_064119 David’s Tarot

So you’ve scoured ‘how to’ texts by Tarot authors and influencers, ancient esoteric material and have a regular Tarot practise. A bunch of tried and tested spreads at your finger tips and have got to grips this Tarot thing. You know what you’re doing is right. The books say so. Your peers are in awe of your learnedness.

There is a time in every learning curve when one of two things happen. We can become excellent, well regarded and knowledgeable, or we can be the Fool and jump into the formless. Experiment, question, look at the cards, their uses and applications and play with them, enjoy them and discover stuff in them, about them and surrounding them.

The difference between following the route prescribed on google maps or switching the damned thing off and exploring the back streets, hidden courtyards and perhaps coming across Diagon Alley or a…

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