3 Reasons Why Monotheists Can Practice Astrology

Hey there, babes! If you haven’t seen yet, Ambiguous Spaces is going to be posting weekly horoscopes. I’ve debated whether or not that would be a good idea for a while now but since there’s already posts about astrology, I decided to go for it. See, I don’t want to scare off the more religious readers with something that could be seen as witchcraft, or a heresy. So today I’d like to talk about how astrology and monotheism can happily co-exist!

Today we’ll take a look at a couple of arguments against astrology, as well as some counter-arguments in favor of astrology. The arguments against that we’ll be discussing are that:

  • Astrology is divination
  • It’s paganistic
  • And it is against free-will

There are tons of arguments for and against astrology from various religious standpoints. The Tanakh, Bible, and Quran all contain verses that can be interpreted as encouraging astrology, as well as verses that can be interpreted as opposing astrology. Since there’s just so many out there, we’re not gonna be looking at any of them in this article. It’s just too much ground to cover. But essentially, all three scriptures forbid fortune-telling, polytheism, and magic/manipulation of free will.

Seeing the Future

There are so so so many misconceptions about astrology out there! Perhaps one of the biggest myths about astrology is that it can be used to predict the future. What a load of baloney!

Is checking the weather for the upcoming week fortune telling? What about making graphs to chart a company’s prospective growth in the next 5 years? Checking your Instagram analytics for the best times to post your awesome photos?

Of course not!

Astrology simply cannot tell what the future holds. It just charts the movements of the celestial bodies, much in the same way a clock shows the movement of time.

Like the cyclical movements of the stars or the cyclical nature of the weather, the human body also operates in cycles. An obvious example of this is the menstrual cycle, which matches the lunar cycle. Charting these patterns is only natural. In fact, humans are pattern recognizing animals. The ability to recognize patterns is what makes humans so smart! It’s what makes anything smart, really.

Western astrology is crazy old; there’s evidence that it started in Ancient Babylon. The patterns of the movements of the cosmos are easily observable, and the corresponding patterns in human behavior have been recorded for thousands of years.

Although science can’t explain the correspondence yet, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. As above, so Below, right? Astrology is recognizing patterns, not fortune telling!


People often think that astrology is the worship of the stars as gods/goddesses. It’s totally not! It might have started off that way, but April Fools Day started off as a pagan holiday too, and it’s celebrated by loads of monotheists today.

And yeah, the planets are named after Roman deities. But honestly, so what? What’s the big deal? Are you a pagan? Are you praying to other gods, or giving offerings to other gods? If not, then you’ve got nothing to worry about! Heck, how can you worship other gods if you don’t even believe in them, anyway? I’ll tell ya how: ya can’t! Checking the position of the celestial bodies in the sky isn’t paganism, plain and simple. It’s just pattern recognition!

But what about the qualities assigned to the planets? Well, they’re personified for ease of understanding. So when we say something like “Mars is the ruler of action and conflict” it doesn’t mean that Mars is a literal ruler/god of War; it means that there is likely to be some friction between people on Earth when Mars is involved. Like the saying “the sea is a cruel mistress,” it just isn’t literal.

Astrology helps us understand our human affairs, so it makes sense that we describe it with personification.

Free Will

Some people argue against astrology because they think it means that the planets control our lives here on Earth. Or they think it means they have to believe that. But, again, it’s just like checking the weather.

So if I see that Mars(conflict) is opposing Venus(romance) in my House of Marriage this week, does that mean that my partner and I are inevitably going to break up? No! But it’s probably a good idea to ‘grab an umbrella’. So the “weather” in that relationship at that time is generally the kind that fights take place in; it’s up to my partner and me to keep that in mind.

Maybe the umbrella is more open communication, or maybe it’s giving each other some space, it’s different for everyone. But the point is that it isn’t set in stone and it isn’t controlled by the planets, it’s all about people!

So astrology just tells us the time when common human interactions are likely to happen. It doesn’t control our actions at all!

Astrology and Monotheism

Astrology is just pattern recognition. Peoples of the past noticed correlations between the movements of the Heavens and the events of Earth and have been recording them for thousands of years. We can think of it like checking the weather, but instead of weather it tells us the likelihood of certain behaviors or attitudes.

For the mystical monotheist, this makes perfect sense and complements the idea of G-d. Life on Earth is orderly, Nature is ruled by cycles and patterns, and so is the cosmos. That’s Intelligent Design, baby!

If the only one G-d is infinite, then nothing can exist outside of G-d. If everything is “inside” of G-d, then everything is Divine(or at least contains Divinity). The understanding that all energy, power, etc comes from that same single source means that the monotheist inherently doesn’t believe that the planets control our lives or that the planets are deities. And knowing that the planets don’t control our lives, we can’t possibly believe that astrology is seeing into the future!

Do you think astrology and monotheism are compatible? Tell me in the comments! Don’t forget to like and subscribe 😊

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