Aries New Moon: Weekly Horoscopes: April 1-7

Aries New Moon

Hey there everyone, I can’t believe it’s already been a whole week! April is about to start, and there’s a new moon this week(which means a new lunar month is starting, too). April 5th will be an Aries new moon, which will affect each sign differently. But since new moons symbolize beginnings and Aries is a fast-acting cardinal fire sign, it’s basically one of the best times ever for starting something new!

Aries March 21- April 20

Now that Mercury Retrograde is over, you should be feeling back to yourself again, Aries. Technology should be working easier and you’ll experience fewer roadblocks in day-to-day life, although you might still feel a little testy for the first part of the week. Take deep breaths, it’s okay! You might find yourself starting fights and arguments for fun this week, but be careful that it’s fun for everyone and not just you.

The new moon in Aries on Friday should cool you off a bit, and Saturday will the perfect time to make plans with the squad.

Taurus April 20- May 20

You might find yourself feeling particularly crafty as the moon moves through Aquarius on Monday, Taurus. But Tuesday will bring about changes as the moon enters Pisces, which might leave you feeling a little out of control. Remember, it’s okay to let go every now and again. Venus will be influencing your social life all week, so don’t be surprised if you feel extra sentimental towards your friends, and watch out for jealousy.

Friday’s new moon in Aries is a good time for you to clean out your closet and make room for some new stuff, because Saturday’s moon in Taurus is your lucky day for shopping with friends!

Gemini May 21- June 20

You’re probably feeling extra chatty now that Mercury Retrograde has ended, Gemini. And Pisces moon will probably make you want to talk about your feelings, your goals and dreams, and your future. If you don’t feel like talking, writing and typing will both do the trick, too. But don’t just talk about it, make it happen!

The Aries new moon on Friday will probably give you a new wind of energy, which will be best used if directed towards your professional goals while Mercury is on your side.

Cancer June 21- July 22

You probably feel a bit more outgoing now that Mercury is back on course. Tuesday through Thursday will probably leave you feeling sensitive and wanting to go right back into your shell, though! It’s okay to give yourself time for yourself, Cancer. With Venus affecting your ethics and Mars helping you heal, this week is a great time for you to get the closure you’ve been looking for.

The new moon in Aries on Friday will help you let go of the past and move forward fearlessly, and Saturday? Well, it’s a perfect day for #self-care.

Leo July 23- August 22

Mercury Retrograde has been tough on you, Leo, it made you feel insecure and probably gave you a bad case of #FOMO, too. Things will start going a lot smoother for you this week as long as you don’t get caught up in the details! Mars’s energy is going towards working on society, so try and use your energy to make a positive difference in your community. Leos tend to like the limelight; share some of your clout with a charitable cause of your choice.

Make sure to stay fresh for the Aries new moon! Try cleaning your social media accounts to stay on brand. Think of the best version of you and take the first steps towards becoming that person on Saturday.

Virgo August 23- September 22

Breathe a sigh of relief, Virgo, Mercury Retrograde is over! It probably felt like nobody understood you during Retrograde, but things are turning around. The moon will be in your house of Self Expression until Thursday, so you’ll be able to say what you mean much more clearly. Mercury is in the house of Self Expression, too! You’ll probably feel very understood this week.

The new moon in Aries on Friday will be a good time for you to reset boundaries in your relationships if need be. Plus, Mars will be helping with your public image, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there on Saturday!

Libra September 23- October 22

Life hasn’t seemed very fair lately, huh, Libra? Mercury Retrograde will do that. While it may be over now, things might still feel unstable while the moon moves through Pisces from Tuesday to Thursday. Venus will be influencing your health all month, so consider starting up a fitness routine to de-stress.

The Aries new moon will get you fired up and ready for change, so stand up for what you believe in! Mars will be driving your ethics over the weekend, so be careful not to get self-righteous.

Scorpio October 23- November 21

Mercury Retrograde felt like it would never end, right Scorpio? It was like a video that just wouldn’t buffer; a drag. Now that it’s over, make some memes about it and send ’em to your favorite cutie! The moon and Venus are both helpinig you with romance this week! Get ready for some deep, late-night conversations with someone important to you, Scorpio.

Use Friday’s Aries new moon to put the spark back in your relationship. Or, if you’re single, the energy will be great for sparking up something new over the weekend!

Sagittarius November 22- December 21

You probably like travel, Sagittarius, and Mercury Retrograde made you feel stuck. It sucked. Now that Mercury is moving forward again, you should, too. Leave old memories alone to heal and use this week to explore your mind while the moon is in Pisces. Mercury will be working on your home this week, so don’t expect to travel too much just yet. Make sure things are good at home before heading off on any trips.

The energy of Aries new moon on Friday is all the help you need to unload some of the spiritual and emotional baggage that’s been weighing you down. Use Saturday to recharge before your next trip.

Capricorn December 22- January 19

Things have been all over the place lately. With Mercury Retrograde over, everything’s finally coming back together. Now you just need to keep it together, Capricorn! Don’t let the emotional waves of Pisces moon Tuesday-Thursday topple you over. Mars will give you a lot of energy to work on organization this week, so be sure to use it!

The Aries new moon will be felt most in your home life, so why not try to rearrange your room or redecorate the house this weekend? It’s never too late for Spring Cleaning.

Aquarius January 20- February 18

Mercury Retrograde has a way of making us feel disconnected from friends, huh Aquarius? Now that it’s over, you might want to reach out to them. But be careful when you do! Aquarians tend to feel moody during Pisces moon, and it’ll be there until Thursday. But don’t worry, Mercury will also be in Pisces this week, so you should be able to handle sensitive conversations better than usual.

Why not put that energy towards art? With Mars influencing your creativity during an Aries new moon, you’re sure to take creativity to a new level!

Pisces February 19- March 20

Common misunderstandings during Mercury Retrograde can be rough on your sensitive nature. Don’t take it personally. Besides, it’s over now! Since the moon and Neptune are in Pisces until Thursday, don’t be surprised if you find yourself daydreaming more than usual, Pisces. This week is all about what you want as Venus affects your feelings of Self! Don’t confuse self-care with selfishness and you’ll be just fine.

Don’t get lost in your own world and let Opportunity pass you by! Friday’s new moon in Aries will help you realize you need to take your head out of the clouds to make your dreams a reality.

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