Caring Takes Action For Others

Just Saying You Care Isn’t Enough

One time I asked a pastor what the point of existence is, why we’re here on Earth. He told me that we’re here to talk to, love, and worship G-d. That’s what works for him, and that’s great, but it’s a little lacking for me personally. See, as much as I like talking, and writing, and communicating in general, I think taking action is so so so much more important. Show, don’t tell, ya know?

For example, I have a split leaf plant that I love. Because I care about this plant’s health, I take care of it. I water it, I change the pot when it grows too big, and use plant food to make sure it stays healthy. Just saying I want the plant to live isn’t enough. Just saying I care without doing anything else will kill the plant.

When you only care internally, without any more regard for the thing you care about, it’s selfish. Plain and simple. “Care” without action is allowing yourself to ignore the problems of the subject/object of your care. It’s a way to comfort yourself, to pat yourself on the back despite using the least amount of effort possible. “Care” without action is negligent.

Care Takes Action

Action can look like many things, but it almost always starts with interaction. Before doing anything for others, find out what it is that they want and/or need. G-d didn’t split the first human into 2 until learning that the first human was lonely. If G-d cares about the wants and needs of humans, as we can all probably agree on, then it’s difficult to believe that our only purpose as humans is to talk with G-d and not also to care for one another. We’re here to help each other just as much as we’re here to love G-d.

When you care about anything, it involves action. Self-care involves personal actions, it can be done alone. But caring for literally any other person or cause means you have to do more than just state that you care. Period.

Everyone has their own unique way of feeling cared for. The same goes for social causes. What you do to support the fight against breast cancer is gonna be different from what you do to help the environment. People are the same way!

Types of Caring Actions

There’s tons of ways to show that you care! Generally though, it can be broken down into a couple of broad categories. Listening, communication, education, and action.


Everybody likes to be heard. If you really care about someone or something then you’ll absolutely take the time to really listen. Social movements and people alike have messages that they want to be heard. Besides, taking action when you don’t know what to do? Not very smart, friends.


Listening is just a part of communicating, y’all. Humans are social animals. We just are. Solitary confinement is literally torture, we absolutely need to be able to interact with other people to be healthy. Talking with others is how we learn to be better. Let’s face it, personality growth is dependant on communicating. Being a good friend is literally good for your health! Listening helps us develop empathy and learn to broaden our horizons.


Yeah, being a good friend to G-d is important, and talking to G-d is important, but it’s not our only purpose here. We’re here for each other, we’re here to make life better for one another. But sometimes we’re in positions where there’s not much we can do to make a positive impact on the world.

Remember, being a good friend is always a positive impact! But also, educating people on important issues is another great way to make a difference. We all need friends and what better way to bond with friends than to unite under a common cause?

Do you know what period poverty is? It’s when women and girls don’t have access to menstrual hygiene products and the facilities needed to properly deal with their cycles with dignity. It prevents girls from going to school, which statistically leads to increased rates of child marriage, domestic abuse, and a whole bunch of other problems.

One of the ways to help fight period poverty is increased education! But why? Well, there’s not much people can do about a problem when they don’t know about it.


When at all possible, don’t just talk about change; make it happen! Taking action is one of the best ways to show that you care. Taking action is what makes us feel like we have a purpose in life. And, more often than not, action follows education. Now that you know about period poverty, donate menstrual hygiene products to your local food bank and/or homeless shelter. Now that you know solitary confinement is literal torture, write a letter to your Congress representative.

Listening, communicating, and educating all count as action, but if you can do more then what’s stopping you? Now, I know that there are very real reasons that people might not be able to do much to help their causes, and that’s okay! Do what you can, any little bit helps, babes. ❤

I hope you like this short read! Let me know what you think in the comments 😊

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