We Weren’t Always So Afraid of the Dark — Freshly Stale

Thought you all might like this lovely little story! ❤🙂 Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately, I got a new job and we’ve been short-staffed. Hopefully I’ll start working fewer hours soon so I can get back to writing for you all!


Did you know that the Moon changes every day? Peoples of old knew, and they would go out and spend time with her every night to make sure that she was okay. They were friends, and the People called her Luna. If Luna had a name for the People, they never knew, but they knew that she listened to them; and that was enough.

They knew when she was feeling happy and full of energy, and they noticed when she felt sad and empty. The People had empathy for Luna. On her darkest nights, the people would light somber fires for her to try and lighten her burden, and although it never really worked, Luna appreciated the Peoples’ efforts as much as she could.

To return the favor, she let the people believe that they were leading her out of darkness, hoping that she could teach the People how to rise out of their own darkness, too.

And day by day, they saw how she got happier and happier, until she lit up the sky with joy. Luna’s joy made the People glow with happiness until they felt like bursting, and burst they did! They threw big parties to celebrate, they ate big meals and danced all throughout the night to show Luna how much they loved seeing her happy.

Then, as always, Luna would get tired and let the darkness overtake her once more. She felt drained after shining so bright; even the moon needs to rest. All things have their ups and downs, after all.

Eventually, the People noticed that she had a cycle. They learned to count into the future and see how Luna would feel on any specific day. Because of this new knowledge, they stopped checking in on her every day. They knew she would be fine, and kept showing up on her best and worst days, but only spent one day a week with her. That day a week is called Monday, in honor of the Moon.


As the People spent less time with Luna, they began to spend more time with Sol, the sun. He was big, strong, and full of energy. Every morning he chased away the darkness, and every night he rested. The People wanted to be big and strong like Sol; they wanted to conquer their darkness.

Weekly visits with Luna shortened to monthly visits until they stopped visiting her altogether. Like Sol, they rose in the morning and rested in the evening.

And so, the people stopped spending time in darkness, too. They began to fear it, to hate it, and they used all of their energy trying to chase it away. For a while, it worked, too! But as time passed, People started getting confused. Now, they weren’t chasing the darkness away; it was chasing them.

So they ran. And they ran, and they ran, and they ran. But they could never outrun the dark.

People grew ashamed of their darkness, they thought it meant that they were weak. To hide their shame, they buried their darkness deep within themselves and hid it from the light. They pretended to be strong and bright, and each person believed that they were the only weak one among them.

Slowly, the people shut one another out of their lives. They had lost their empathy. You see, darkness is a part of everything, but all of the People pretended not to have any, and their shame grew. Unable to see the darkness in anyone else, People began to believe that it was unnatural. People started to believe that they were unnatural.

And, in a way, they were right. They were all pretending to be something that they weren’t, and in doing so they isolated themselves from each other. Luna watched on in the darkness. She could finally see just how much she had helped her old friends, and every night she hoped that they would see it too.

Luna doesn’t light up with joy anymore. Now, she’s trying to show us the way, the same way we tried to help her all those years ago.


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