Magic, Modesty, and Consent


The Laws of the Universe are Magic

The Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), all have holy books that prohibit certain types of magic and witchcraft in general; and for many reasons! Some say that to use magic is to interfere with the Divine Plan, others say witchcraft is equal to idolatry, some even say that magic comes from the devil. I like to think the answer is a little more wholesome!

There are many hidden aspects of the Universe and a whole world of metaphysics attempting to explain their existence and function. For example, astrology is the study of the relationships between earthly affairs and celestial affairs. Since celestial matters can be mathematically determined, it makes sense to think that the stars and planets can be used to predict the future.

A confused individual might even start to think that the planets and stars are in control of the world; that our decisions don’t matter. So, in that sense, astrology can easily lead to idolatry because it can lead people to worship the stars. But, when used responsibly, it can be used to help guide our decisions, sort of like a weather radar.

Similar things can be said of numerology, spirit work, and other forms of divination and magic. Just because we don’t fully understand it from a secular point of view doesn’t mean it exists any less; it just means that some things in the world are more hidden than others. Like buried treasure, magic is often hidden for its own protection.

Witches Work With the Laws of Nature(Not the Devil)

Magic can’t make the impossible possible. It can only work within the laws of nature towards the actualization of . . .well, something or another. This means that magic and witchcraft can both exist and be used in line with the “Divine Will”, if a person knows whatever that may be.

Divine Will.

Now there’s an interesting topic. Used to justify all sorts of atrocities, what exactly is the “Divine Will,” anyways?

It’s pretty self explanatory, but Divine Will basically means G-d’s plan for us, the Earth, all of Creation, etc etc.

But if there even is a plan for us, why were we given free will? Wouldn’t that let us stray from the plan?

It does! We have the freedom to make our own choices! It’s up to us whether or not we’ll choose to get to know G-d; G-d respects boundaries. What good is a relationship if it’s forced, coerced, or otherwise fake? We have to consent to the relationship. As for the people who choose not to get to know G-d, perhaps G-d has also refused them for the time being; respect that as Divine Will and don’t proselytize.

Respect the Right to Say No

Which brings us to boundaries. Even consensual relationships have them, and a Divine relationship is no different. And, it seems, that one of the Creator’s boundaries is with witchcraft and magic. Could this be because using magic is satanic or some type of evil?

Not necessarily.

In my understanding, the Universe is One, and we’re all a part of that One. That means I don’t really believe in the existence of a great battle between Good and Evil, where there’s a Devil who’s the complete opposite adversary of G-d and all of the Universe. I believe in a non-dual G-d. So the question of whether or not magic is evil is irrelevant for me, personally.

Forbidden Doesn’t Have to Mean Evil

That still doesn’t mean that magic is entirely good for us, though. Perhaps witchcraft is like spiritual alcohol, cutting us off from G-d. But couldn’t it be said that the prophets used magic to perform miracles? How can learning the inner workings of the Universe be bad? Is gaining a better understanding of G-d’s creation really forbidden to us?

If a person can responsibly practice magic and divination without turning to idolatry, and if witchcraft can help a person live a righteous life, then why would G-d ask them not to be a witch? Done respectfully, and in praise of G-d, what harm could come from practicing magic?

Magic is Veiled, and Veiling is Okay

One could say that magic is veiled under layers of reality; it’s not easy to access. That’s because magic is hidden knowledge.

All of us have things about ourselves that we keep hidden, things we’ve never told anyone, things we don’t show to a person unless we really trust them. It can be secrets, or it can be physical, but we all have certain things that we just want to keep private.

For example, whether a person chooses to cover their hair or not, or whether a person decides to trust us or not, is not something that we get much of a say in.

When looked at that way, it appears that G-d is practicing modesty by veiling the workings of the Universe to humanity. Learning and using these magics could be seen as using free will to unveil G-d, the Universe, without consent. It’s a violation of trust and privacy.

A relationship with the Universe is just that: a relationship. Which means communication, trust, love, and consent are key.

We Don’t Need an An Explanation

Sure, we can always ask someone to tell us their secrets, but they don’t actually have to answer us. We have the freedom to ask someone what their hair looks like under their scarf, but it can be rude and they can always tell you no.

Imagine you have a friend who keeps a diary, and they tell you that they don’t want you to read it. If you respect your friend, then you’ll listen to them. If you don’t respect your friend, you’ll read their diary anyways.

Or maybe your friend doesn’t keep a diary, but wears a hijab or some other sort of covering. Just because we’re curious about how that person would look without their covering doesn’t give us the right to move the covering without consent, right?

What if you read someone’s diary, used the secrets you learned for your own personal gain, and took all of the credit for yourself? That’s sort of what witchcraft looks like! Not only is witchcraft revealing what G-d had concealed, which is super disrespectful, but its often also done with the claim that all of the power came from the individual witch instead of G-d.

We don’t read other’s diaries, or tear off people’s hijabs, or even go through people’s phones because we respect their right to privacy. To me, magic and witchcraft is banned because G-d wants some privacy!

Relationships Change

So are we ever allowed to use magic? Didn’t G-d let the prophets use magic to perform miracles? Remember, they had close relationships with the Creator!

It’s not up to me to decide whether or not someone is allowed to use magic!

So do I think witches are sinners? Not at all! I actually think that learning magic can help people enjoy the wonders of the Universe in new ways, it’s just important to be respectful about it!


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