About Us

What do you get when you cross optimistic nihilism, metaphysics, and spirituality? Random Chance becomes Providence in card readings and Turkish-Coffee fortune-telling, the Cosmos control the tides of life on Earth, prayer and meditation are the Law of Attraction and crystals are energy tuning forks. Ambiguous Spaces is a place to explore these ideas!

Everything exists on a spectrum

At Ambiguous Spaces, we reject biological essentialism (innate qualities based on sex, gender, race, etc.), gender polarization (men and women are opposites), and androcentrism (the default human is male, masculinity is prioritized over femininity). The world isn’t based on polar opposites and binaries so much as it is on spectrums. There isn’t just darkness and light, there’s an entire gray scale in between. And differing ends of a spectrum aren’t always opposites, they’re just different and complimentary parts of the same thing!

Here at Ambiguous Spaces we live and thrive in gray areas!

We’re only certain of a couple of things here, and that’s the inevitability of death and that change is the only constant in life!

Since we’re not too certain about much after death(to each their own!), Ambiguous Spaces will focus on life, and is susceptible to change as life goes on.

Our tools for success include chance and nature.

Some people call it fate, others call it faith. We work for the outcomes we want, but we let chance make a lot of decisions for us! Let’s face it, navigating life can be hard, and decisions can be stressful. So whenever possible, we like to let fate and nature guide us.

Nature is cyclical, which makes it perfect for planning! From the cycles of the moon to the movements of Saturn and beyond, nature is the perfect clock for both short and long term planning!

We’ll teach you to use these tools to take control over your life.

If they work for you, great! But they might not be right for you, and that’s okay too! While our tools and techniques can be used by everybody, but they won’t make you a psychic. We won’t teach you to predict the future. But you’ll learn how to plan for it!

Our tools can be used by secular, spiritual, and religious people alike.

Ambiguous spaces is accepting of all religions and spiritual beliefs, so we’ll be focused on the secular uses of cards and astrology so that they can used by any faith without fear of heresy or sin.

Happy planning!