Caring Takes Action For Others

Listening, communicating, and educating all count as action, but if you can do more then what’s stopping you? Do what you can to help others, babe!

The Mindful Prayer Worksheet Printable

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when praying, plus it’s important to be really sure of your intentions while you pray. That’s why I’ve come up with the Mindful Prayer Worksheet.

The Secular Day of Rest #SelfCareSunday

When I was working, days all seemed the same. In school, the days all blended together until deadlines reared their ugly heads. I thought being unemployed would be different, but it wasn’t; all the days still blended together until I didn’t know what day it was at all.

Periods Are My New Holy Trinity

Despite being raised in a Christian household, my mom never taught my sisters and me that periods were some sort of Biblical punishment. She didn’t teach us that women were the “original sinners” or that periods were unclean or something to be embarrassed about.

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