The Secular Day of Rest #SelfCareSunday

When I was working, days all seemed the same. In school, the days all blended together until deadlines reared their ugly heads. I thought being unemployed would be different, but it wasn’t; all the days still blended together until I didn’t know what day it was at all.

Fearless Tarot

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David’s Tarot So you’ve scoured ‘how to’ texts by Tarot authors and influencers, ancient esoteric material and have a regular Tarot practise. A bunch of tried and tested spreads at your finger tips and have got to grips this Tarot thing. You know what you’re doing is right. The…

The Art And Craft Of Calming A Restless Mind

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Do you have a restless mind? Have you ever been unsure of what you would like to do for an afternoon and subsequently done nothing because you can’t decide? When thoughts flood your mind, they drain your energy, stop you from living in the present moment, and can create a…